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A competitive dice game of Troll-like proportions!

Trolls good at smashes! Strunkk smash furry and slimy things to make food. Strunkk smash little man who tries to poke Strunkk with pointy sticks. Strunkk smash treasure chest for fat gold loots. Sometimes Strunkk smash other Trolls for the funs. Smashing troll friends is the most funs! YOU wants to be Strunkk friend? Strunkk not smash you too hard the first times, Strunkk promise...

Troll Dice™ is a fast paced competitive dice game for 2 or more players that casts each player as a troll in a last man standing battle royale. Players take turns rolling dice, balancing attacking their opponents and regenerating their own health. Once your health drops to zero, you are out.

There are sixteen(16) total dice of three types in Troll Dice™:
Combat Dice: White dice with Club symbols and shield symbols. These dice are used to attack your opponents and for your opponents to try to defend themselves. The game comes with six (6) Combat Dice
Wound Dice: Red dice with a heart symbol, a club symbol, a fist symbol on and a blood drop symbol. These dice are rolled instead of combat dice as you take wounds. The game comes with five (5) Wound Dice
Regeneration Dice: These are green dice with a heart symbol, a double heart symbol and a blood drop symbol. You can choose to replace combat dice with these to focus on healing. The game comes with five (5) regeneration dice.

On your turn, you roll six dice, a combination of white, red, and green, depending on your wounds and strategy. Depending on what you roll you may attack your opponents, heal yourself, or even have your attacks countered back on you!

Troll Dice™ is simple to learn, quick to play, but offers enough depth of strategy to appeal to players of all skill levels. Please check out our Kickstarter to become a backer and help make Troll Dice™ a reality!

Troll Dice™: Because sometimes trolls get bored too

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Title: Troll Dice™
Platform: Table Top
Rating: Everyone (E)
Genre: Competitive Dice
Price: Backer Levels of $25+ receive the game
Kickstarter: Click Here
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